Nitro Force
iPhone 13 Pro Max

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  • [NEW] Limited design case for iPhone 13 Pro Max device
  • [Spigen's strongest impact resistance] MIL standard acquired. The double structure with hard polycarbonate parts layered on a soft TPU case provides high protection.
  • [Ingenuity of shock absorption inside the case] "Air cushion technology" that absorbs shocks at the four corners so that the shocks when dropped can be interfered as much as possible. Also, a spider web-shaped "spider pattern" shock absorption processing is adopted inside the case. doing.
  • [Hybrid case created from the user's point of view] This case, which is a hybrid of hard "polycarbonate" that absorbs shock with the soft material of "TPU" on the side and can maintain transparency on the back, has grown into a synonym for the brand.



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