LatitudePay Pay Later

What is LatitudePay?
LatitudedPay allows you to split up your purchase into 3 instalment payments. You have the option to pay for your purchase with a credit or debit card in 3 payments.  You will make the payments every month directly to LatitudePay using your card. 

How does it work?
An upfront 7% admin fee will be applied on top of the cash price listed in our website.

The first payment is charged when you confirms the order, the next 2 payments are automatically charged every month over a 2 month period, which is interest-free.

I'm a first time user. Any requirements?

When using Pay Later in 3 instalments, you must:

  • be a Singaporean Citizen, Permanent Resident, EP or S Pass holders;
  • be at least 18 years old;
  • have an email address;
  • have a Singapore mobile number;
  • have a Singapore address; and
have a valid credit card or debit card issued in Singapore.

How much am I eligible to spend?

To ensure responsible spending practices, each Pay Later purchase is evaluated by our system for approval.  This takes into account many different factors, including your prior credit history and how many purchases that have been made and successfully paid back using OctiFi.  Meaning, the longer you have been using our Pay Later in 3 instalments services, and the more orders you have successfully repaid on schedule, the more likely you will be able to spend more. Minimum spend is S$35.  

Which payment methods are accepted by Pay Later? 
All valid credit and debit cards issued in Singapore that are not scheduled to expire in the near future are accepted.  We do not accept prepaid cards.



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