Elitek S1
(32GB/4GB RAM)

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See FAQs for more details.
Travel the world with *2 Years UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL DATA (@256kbps) - Elitek Phone is the world's first smart phone using CloudSIM Technology that provides 2 Years unlimited international data in over *90 countries.
* Exclude Singapore

Benefits of the phone includes:-

Global Network of over *90 countries (exclude Singapore)
Elitek World Phone uses CloudSIM Technology that allows the phone to behave as a local mobile data SIM providing user.

(1) The Elitek World Phone arrives in a new country and powers on
(2) A local Tier-1 operator SIM profile is transferred into the Elitek World Phone from Unnitel SIM Banks
(3) Elitek World Phone becomes a local mobile end point connecting to the Tier-1 operators for the best network connection
OS:  Android™
Processor: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 652, Octa Core, 64 bit
Memory: 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM.
Display: 5.5 inch FHD (1920 x 1080)
Camera: 13 MP Rear, 8MP Front
SIM: Dual Nano, 2G/3G/4G-LTE
Battery: 2950mAh
LTE FDD Band 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/9/12/13/17/18/19/20/25/26/28
LTE-TDD Band 38/39/40/41
CDMA Band 1/2/4/5/6/8/9/19
GSM EDGE 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
Starting up and using the phone for the first time
What do I need to do to setup the phone for the first time?
After you have setup the user profile, please connect to your local WiFi to check for latest firmware update. After the firmware is updated, please launch the Connect APP to connect to your existing data plan or to start by purchasing for a new data plan.
Do I have to use a SIM card to use the phone?
You do not require a SIM for data connection on Elitek phones. The Cloud SIM embedded can provide you the data services as long as there is a valid data plan. You will require a SIM for your Voice call and SMS.
Can I install my own SIM cards?
Yes, you may install your own SIM in the phone.
How many SIM cards can I install?
Elitek S1 is a multi SIM phone, you can install up to 2 SIM cards.
Can my SMS, voice and data from my SIM continue to work when I am using the Cloud SIM?
Yes, you may continue to use your own SIM card for voice and sms while using the CloudSIM from the Elitek phone. If you wish to use your personal SIM cards for data, you will need to disconnect the CloudSIM. You may use the Connect APP to disconnect the CloudSIM.
What is inside the box?
Each Elitek phone comes in a full retail package with a phone, power charger, USB cable, SIM tray extract pin and a 35mm ear piece.
About using and buying Unnitel data
What is the meaning of 2 Yearsn Unlimited Global 256kbps Plan?
2 Years Unlimited means you can continue to use the data for as much as you can within the first 2 years on the given speed in all the countries listed in the Unlimited Global 256kbps plan. 256kbps is the amount of data permitted to transfer per second. This is commonly understood as the speed of the data flow.
Where can I use the phone?
Elitek phone works in over 100 countries. Each data plan may have different coverage. Please check the list of countries from the in-phone Connect APP. You may also contact our sales representative or authorized dealer for assistance.
What can 256kbps do?
256kbps is designed for communication. You will be able to perform most voice over IP applications, instant messaging such as WeChat, WhatsApp, Skype, Line and Viber. You can also have limited use on most internet applications such as Email and surfing. Video streaming is not recommended.
How can I purchase more data?
Yes, you can purchase more data from the in-phone Connect APP. We have a variety of plans to suite your needs.
How will the purchased data work when I have a phone that comes with bundled data?
The purchased plans will be activated and consumed on first in first out and giving priority to the Higher speed plans in each country. E.g. If you have unlimited 256kbps data in Japan and you also purchased a 500MB high speed data in Japan, your phone will deplete the Japan high speed 500MB before it continues to use the unlimited japan data at 256kbps.
How do I check may data balance and current data purchase?
Data balance, plan information and history are available with-in the in-phone Connect APP.
Will I be charged for data roaming if I already have unlimited data?
To avoid being charged data roaming, please ensure you have disabled data roaming on your phone. When you activate the CloudSIM, the phone will only consume data from the CloudSIM instead of your SIM cards
Will I received a warning when I am running out of data?
No, there is no notification sent. You may be able to check the data balance on the in-phone Connect APP. You may purchase more data as required from the APP to resume data use.
Can I use Facebook in China?
Yes, Elitek phones are designed to support the use of Facebook, WhatsApp and Google applications in China. However, these applications are limited by the restriction by the China authorities with the operators that are supporting our network. The current operators supporting our network is able to allow the use of these applications. This may change from time to time. Please check with our sales representatives or our local dealers.
Hardware and Operating System
What is the warranty period?
12 months from the day of purchase.
Where can I get my phone repaired?
Phones could be sent back through the original resellers or directly to Unnitel for repair. The information are provided at the time of purchase. You may also find more information from our website, www.unnitel.com
Can I buy extended warranty?
Extended warranty is currently not available.
Where can I buy the phone?
Phones are available through our local dealers and partners. Please find more information from our website, www.unnitel.com.
What is the operating system of the phone?
Elitek phone is powered by Android operating system and use with the operating system up to version 7.
Can the operating system be updated to the latest version?
Elitek phone support up to Android version 7.
How long does the battery last?
Battery life is subjected to the users' usage behaviour. A typical full charge would last sufficiently for a days work. Heavy users are expected to charge during the day between use.
How do I decided if I want to use the data from the phone or from my own SIM cards?
Android OS allows users to decide if the CloudSIM will be activated on boot up or to be manually activated.
Can I use the SIM cards data as well as the CloudSIM?
No, only one CloudSIM or physical SIM data can be used at one time. When you enabled the CloudSIM, the physical SIM data will be disabled.
This is a dual SIM phone. How do I select the SIM or CloudSIM for data?
CloudSIM will replace SIM 1 data by default if there 2 physical SIM cards installed. You may change the default SIM setting to SIM 2 at the Android OS.
When the CloudSIM is enabled, can both my physical SIM voice and sms work?
When the CloudSIM is enabled, one of the physical SIM will be disabled. When the physical SIM is disabled, both the voice and SMS will not work.
When I am in the office and using the WiFi will the CloudSIM still work?
When WiFi is active, the CloudSIM will be suspended. CloudSIM will resume when you move out of the reach of your WiFi.

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