POS for Mobile Phone Shop

Are you a mobile phone business owner?

If you are, we understand your frustrations in search for the perfect POS (Point of Sales) system to meet the special requirements of a mobile phone business!

Luckily, we have met a reliable and highly committed partner who is able to fully customise the POS to suit 100% of your needs.

Unique features of a POS for mobile phone business :-

1) Phone buy-back from customers over the counter (new and used phones)
2) IMEI tracking for all transactions (buy/sell/returns)
3) Gross Margin Scheme (customised receipt printout to cater to GMS)
4) Customer-Accounting GST scheme
5) GST Report for standard/Gross Margin/Customer-Accounting scheme
6) Multiple-Outlets remote management from backend (head office)
7) Inventory Management (phones, accessories, sim-cards, etc)
8) Staff Commission management
9) Customer Relation Management (CRM)
and many more.....

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