Frequently Asked Questions

Retail Payment/Pricing Policy

Q1 - Why are your prices much lower than the official retail price ? Are they original agent set ?

Q2 - What currency are the prices listed in your website ?

Q3 - Are the prices subjected to the Goods and Services Tax (GST)?

Q4 - What are the mode of payment for the price listed in your website?

Q5 - Do you offer any Instalment plan?

Q6 - What are your bank details ?

Q7 - Are all the prices listed without contract?

Q8 - Are the prices listed in your website similar to those that are sold through your retail shop ?

Q9 - Must I sign up any membership or purchase extra accessories to enjoy the prices listed in your website?

Q10 - Why am I redirected to Shopee website when I click on the 'Add To Cart' button ? Is it safe ?

Corporate Payment/Pricing Policy

Q1 - Do you accept corporate orders ?

Q2 - Which company is offering the corporate sales ?

Q3 - Why are corporate prices subjected to 7% GST ?

Q4 - How do we order for corporate sales ?

Q5 - What are your corporate bank details ?


Q1 - How do I make a reservation for an item ?

Q2 - Is there any 7-Days Exchange/Return/Refund policy ?

Q3 - Are your phones unlocked ?

Q4 - What is 'Warranty Set' as listed in your website ?

Q5 - Do the products come with any warranty?

Q6 - Are there any warranty for your used phones and 'export set' phones ?

Q7 - Can I purchase warranty coverage if I buy an 'export set' phone from you ?

Q8 - I lost my original receipt. Can I request a copy of it ?

Q9 - Do you have stocks for all products listed?

Q10 - Do you accept trade-in of used phones?

Q11 - Do you buy back used phones, even if I am not buying any new phones?

Q12 - What is the the value of my used phones?

Q13 - Do you provide home delivery service for phone purchased online ?

Q14 - What happens if the item that I have purchased online is faulty ?


Q1 - Why was the page redirected to another website ? Is it safe ?

Get In Touch

Q1- Where are you located ? Any ERP charges ?

Q2 - What are the parking charges ?

Q3 - How can we contact you ?

Q4 - What is your company details ?