Enjoy Cheaper Holidays !

Join Us in this Award-Winning Lifestyle Club !

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Because Everyone Loves Cheaper Holidays ! 

- Members can enjoy exclusive access to our All-In-One Mobile App where you can book your holiday packages, air tickets, hotels, car rental, cruise, local activities, and even claim reward points from a ever growing list of merchants in more than 20 cities around the world !

- Enjoy rebates of up to 93% on Dining, Spa, Gym, Hair Saloon, Menicure/Pedicure, Entertainments, etc

- Enjoy 100% Rebate  on your  membership fees through our unique points systems !

- Enjoy 150% rebate on the price difference of air tickets and hotels if the prices are found to be cheaper elsewhere !

- Enjoy Cheaper & Specially Curated holiday packages with no hidden cost !

- Enjoy 4-5 Stars Hotel Stays at 2-3 Stars Prices !

- Great platform to meet fellow International members !

- A Single-membership entitles you to book up to 2 rooms based on twin-sharing !


Serving children globally through volunteers

Our platform also offers you the opportunity to show your Heart to Serve and make a lasting impact around the world through VolunTour participation. VolunTours are professionally planned, guided trips that put volunteers to work beautifying communities, building infrastructure and brightening the lives of children. No special talents are required, just equal parts compassion and commitment. VolunTourists are ordinary people making an extraordinary difference. From the Americas to Asia and other points between, there is a place for you to serve. To book a VolunTour, click the link below.


and join us in this award-winning lifestyle club !

Feel free to sms us at 91457500 if you need any assistance in signing up !


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Enjoy Cheaper Holidays !

Join Us in this Award-Winning Lifestyle Club !

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