Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- Where are you located  ? Any ERP charges ? Free Parking ?

A1 - We are located at #02-98, Far East Plaza, along Scotts Road, between Goodwood Park Hotel and Grand Hyatt Hotel. For motorist, there are no ERP charges as it is located outside the ERP Zone. You also enjoy 1st Hour Free Parking between 8am - 5pm (Monday to Saturday).

Q2- How do I make a reservation for an item  ?

A1 - Simply SMS or Whatsapp us at 9452 9208 (please do not call) the following details:

1) Item Brand & Model
2) Color
3) Memory Size (if applicable)
4) Quantity
5) Date of collection (maximum 1 day from date of reservation)

Once we received your request, we will reply you with an confirmation between 11am to 9pm.

Q3- What currency are the prices listed in your website ?

A3- All prices listed in our website are in Singapore Dollar (SGD).

Q4- Is there any 7-Days Exchange/Return/Refund policy ?

A4- No, we do not provide any 7-days Exchange/Return/Refund policy. We strongly advise all customers to inspect and check the product before leaving our store. All faulty items thereafter must be sent to the respective manufacturers' customer service centres for warranty claims, if applicable.

Q5- Why are your prices much lower than the official retail price ? Are they original agent set ?

A5- We always strive to offer our customers the lowest possible prices, therefore we only earn marginal profit for all phones.All phones are original agent warranty set and official receipt will be issued upon purchase.

Q6- Are the prices subjected to the Goods and Services Tax (GST)?

A6- As we are not GST-Registered, all prices are not subjected to the GST. We are also not able to issue any GST-Refund since we are not GST-Registered.

Q7- What are the mode of payment for the price listed in your website?

A7- We only accept cash payment in our retail shop. If you wish to pay by credit card, kindly visit our Shopee Online Store. Mobile Apps are available for Android and iOS. There is NO credit card surcharge for payment made through Shopee Apps.

Q8- Are your phones unlocked ?

A8- Yes, all phones are original factory-unlocked and can be used worldwide with any SIM cards.

Q9- Are all the prices listed without contract?

A9- Yes, all prices listed are without contract or subscription.

Q10- Are the prices listed in your website similar to those that are sold through your retail shop ?

A10- Yes, all prices sold in our retail shop are the same as those listed in our website for the day it is listed.

Q11- What is 'Warranty Set' as listed in your website ?

A11- 'Warranty Set' are phones from the local authorised distributors, therefore all phones sold by us come with the respective manufacturers' local warranty.All warranty claims are provided by the manufacturer's authorised service centres. Please retain our original receipt for warranty claim purposes.

Q11a- I lost my original receipt. Can I request a copy of it ?

A11a- There will be a $5 admin charge to retrieve a copy of it. Therefore we would strongly advise all customers to safekeep the receipt in a secured place. 

Q12 - Do the products come with any warranty?

A12- Yes, all items come with the respective manufacturer's local warranty, except for 'Export Set' which does not come with any warranty of any sort.

Q13 - Is there any warranty for your used phones and 'export set' phones ?

A13- All used and export phones are sold on a 'As it is' basis. We do not offer any shop or manufacturer warranty. Customers are therefore advised to inspect and check the items thoroughly upon purchase.

Q14- Do you have stocks for all products listed?

A14- Due to the fast-moving nature of the products, it is advisable to give us a call during our business hours for stocks enquiries or reservation.

Q15- Do you accept trade-in of used phones?

A15- Yes, we accept trade-in of selected models. Please refer to the Trade-In Price List in our website for more details.

Q16 - Do you buy back used phones, even if I am not buying any new phones?

A16- Yes, we buy back selected models even if you are not buying any phones from us.However, please check with us for the actual quotation.

Q17- What is the the value of my used phones?

A17- We can only quote you the trade-in value upon visual inspection of the used phones.

Q18- Do you offer any Instalment plan?

A18- Sorry, we do not offer any instalment plan in our retail shop.

Q19- Do you accept orders outside Singapore?

A19- Currently, we only accept orders in Singapore.

Q20- Must I sign up any membership or purchase extra accessories to enjoy the prices listed in your website?

A20- No, we do not believe in such sales gimmicks. We believe in a clear and transparent pricing policy with no hidden cost.

Q21- Do you provide home delivery service for phone purchases ?

A21- We do not have any delivery services at this moment.

Q22- What is your bank details ?

Bank Name: UOB
Account Type: Current Account
Account No: 3243020997
Bank Code: 7375
Branch: Bukit Panjang
Branch Code: 012
Account Name:

(Please indicate your Name in the bank transfer's reference)


Pay To:
Please note that will be a 5% transaction charge for PayPal payment.

For Example,
If the item cost $100 ,the total PayPal transaction charge is $100 plus 5%, so total payment is $105.

Q23- How can we contact you ?

A23- We can be contacted as follows:-

Retail Enquiries:- 6733 3747 (11am - 9pm daily)
If your calls are not being attended, we would like to apologise as we may be busy attending to customers.

Product Reservation:
Refer to Q2.

Corporate Sales Enquiries , email to:-

We do not reply to any email on retail enquiries as stocks and prices changes daily.

Please call us instead at 67333 747 for fastest response.

Q24- What is your company details ?

A24- Our company details are as follow :-

Company Registered Name:



Registered Address:

14, Scotts Road, #02-98, Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213